The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a natural healing process that utilizes aromatic essential oils and carrier oils that help relax the body and improve overall wellness. The benefits of aromatherapy include the capacity to increase the mood, and encourage physical and mental peace. Also, it is a great method to restore balance in the body. Read on to discover more about the benefits of massage using aromatherapy.  천안출장마사지 Here are a few of the most popular aromatic oils along with their healing benefits. These natural remedies are gentle and safe to use on yourself or on your family members.

Essential oils are oils that contain essential oils.

There are numerous advantages to aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy massage oils can be linked to various healing techniques. The oils of lavender and rose are a good example. They can assist in sleeping. The balancing properties of cedarwood and rosemary are helpful for people with emotional difficulties including depression or anxiety. Essential oils can be great ways to ease stress and boost your mood. It is possible to use essential oils in order to design a blend to massage your body with aromatherapy.

When applying essential oils on your skin, it is ideal to dilute the oils with carrier oils. Grape seed oil are both pleasant scents. dilute essential oils to 20 drops in one ounce of carrier oil before using them in massage. To prevent them from leaving behind a strong smell it's important to ensure to dilute essential oils as little as possible. If you're only beginning to learn about aromatherapy massage, this mix will help you get maximum benefits out of the massage.

Carrier oil

Essential oils found in a carrier oil are also known as base oils. They are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this means they are not considered food items. They are used for aromatherapy massages to serve as a base. Carrier oils are however very popular. The table below outlines the therapeutic benefits of different carrier oils. Massage therapists will choose the percentage of every oil used during the massage.

Aromatherapy massage books do not contain vegetable-based carrier oils. They do are of significant nutritional value, and different processing methods. This book includes monographs of sixty carrier oils and discusses the effects and properties of these carrier oils. The author includes an overview of the chemical properties of essential oils and also introduces some of the lesser-known varieties. The book has 325 pages in a paperback edition. Essential oils will be benefited from the use of a carrier oil.

Effects on mood

Research has shown that massage using aromatherapy can produce positive effects on your mood and the body. To enhance the therapeutic benefits massage therapists can add essential oils to the massage. Particularly, citrus oils have been known to improve your mood. The smell alone of lemon and orange can enhance the massage. The benefits of essential oils are reducing pain in the body and inflammation, improving the immune system and increasing the production and usage of serotonin.

A study of 8 people discovered that massages with aromatherapy can reduce depression and anxiety. Participants received a prescribed aromatherapy massage twice a week for six weeks, after which they were evaluated on a variety of scales including the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HAD Scale) and visual analogue scales (VAS). After the sessions, both the HAD Scale and the VAS scores improved significantly as the authors of the study said that subjects general quality of life increased.


There are a number of factors that can preclude your from receiving the aromatherapy treatment. These factors could make it impossible to receive an aromatherapy massage: Pregnancy, medications and certain medical issues. Before receiving massage, a free confidential consultation is carried out to confirm that you are healthy and are not in danger of damage. If you have any concerns, please contact your professional and talk about the benefits and dangers of massage.

Massage oils for aromatherapy are not synthetic but their concentrations are more than plant oil. It is important to use essential oils with care. An examination of the skin should be done before applying any new oil. Essential oils can be able to cause toxicity in the mucus membrane of the body. Therefore, they are not advised for use by pregnant women or anyone with any allergies or skin irritations.